Every Day has its Evil

by Antonio Fusco

The author was inspired to write this book based on events that actually took place. He offers an extremely interesting and realistic view of the modus operandi of the Italian police force.

Full of rhythm and suspense, this book offers believable characters, surgical descriptions and an insight into the modus operandi of the Italian police force as it is based on true events.

In an imaginary town in Tuscany, Police Commissioner Tommaso Casabona is involved in the discovery of the body of a woman disfigured with acid. Casabona has good heart but his marriage is on the rocks, he has a son who is a drug addict, and a daughter who is studying criminology in Spain. Once the questioning is concluded the investigation grinds to a halt; but then, a second body is found. When a third body is found, it points to the work of a serial killer and the head office sends assistance in the form of Comissioner Cristina Belisario. Thanks to a fragment of paper found at the scene, they are led to the text of the Summa Theologica of Saint Thomas Aquinas and to the five W’s: who, what, when, where, why. Casabona and Belisario understand the serial killer’s logic: in each homicide one of the five elements is hidden. In the first they do not know who the woman is; in the second they do not know how the victim was killed; in the third they do not know where the murder took place. If their reasoning is correct, there are still two murders to come, and the ‘when’ and the ‘why’ will be obscured. While they are in Rome, a fourth body is found in Florence but it is not known when the death occurred. This time however the assassin made a mistake: it emerges that the victim was a visitor of porno websites and chat rooms and that he frequently contacted a computer at the city library. Following clues the police discover that their suspect has gone to Barcelona where Casabona’s daughter is living. What will be the motive for the final murder? Who will be the victim? For Casabona it is a race against time through the streets of Barcelona that will bring him right to the steps of the Sagrada Fami`lia.

ANTONIO FUSCO graduated with a degree in Law and in Public Administration and earned a Masters degree, 2nd level, in Forensic Criminology. Since 1988 he has worked with the Italian state police. Stationed in both Rome and of Naples, in 2000 he moved to Tuscany. He is currently the director of the Rapid Response Team with the position of Assistant Deputy Police Commissioner in Pistoia. He has been involved in many delicate investigations, such as the homicide of the ballerina Oksana Auskelyte and a case involving child abuse at a nursery school in Pistoia. Every Day Has Its Evil is the author’s debut novel.

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Paperback / softback

Published by Giunti Editore

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