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Find Your Energy

by Veronica Pacella

Cleansing as a lifestyle

Feeling tired, worn out and numb? Turn to your body, it already has all it needs! Cleansing can help you release the stress you build up daily and reinvigorate your everyday life.

With a clear and practical approach to cleansing, Find Your Energy is the perfect start to a healthier and more conscious lifestyle. Divided into three sections, explaining how the body creates energy and how it serves as our engine, painting a picture of the world of detox through healthy foods and suggesting easy menus and recipes to put everything into practice, this handbook is a great tool to start caring for your well-being in a brand-new way.

  • The book features more than 50 recipes, divided into seasonal menus and an evergreen one. They are easy to make but delicious and well balanced, and they can be useful for the whole family. Some of the recipes are also pictured in the photo insert included in the book.

  • Lists of foods divided by season allow the reader to know what nature is offering at that moment of the year and to have fun combining nutrients and tastes.

  • Each chapter ends with a journaling session, inviting the reader to listen to their body and annotate feelings and impressions.

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Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

16.00 EUR

Published 2021

Total numbered pages: 208 Pages

ISBN: 9788872241332