First and Ten

by Fausto Batella

Pro Football Players Born in Italy

These are the stories of 13 young Italians who, from the early years of the twentieth century up to the eighties, emigrated to America and, with commitment and sacrifice, came to play with the pros in the National Football League.

A series of human and sporting adventures lived in another world and on a stage of excellence. Different stories: some will only play a few games, one will be a pioneer in an era of pioneers in the U.S. itself, the others will be skilled professionals and, some will be part of the selected few that will earn a place in the Hall of Fame.

The appendix instead tells the stories of 4 Americans born in Italy but raised in the United States whose parents were military, technicians and athletes temporarily engaged in the Bel Paese. These four will have played in the NFL.

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Paperback / softback

Published 2017 by SPORTeBOOK

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