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Whether you’re an Ibraimovich or Van Basten fan, you call it football or soccer, or you just like to kick the ball around once in a while, these are the books for you! Even if you don’t like to play and prefer to just read about soccer. 

Between fiction and reality, stories of redemption, unforgettable events and idols’ biographies teach kids important lessons about respect, history, and perseverance.

Edoardo Maturo’s first book sold over 10,000 copies by word of mouth. Daddy, Van Basten and Other Superheroes is now addressing to children as well

Football is a subject that attracts children and brings generations together

Biographies and stories to let the young children know football’s hall of fame


Daddy, Van Basten and Other Superheroes

Rights sold in English (USA and Canada)

Ibra for Kids 

Ronaldo vs Daddy

I Wanted to be Garrincha

The Perfect Score

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