Gaston e La Ricetta Perfetta

by Anna Lavatelli

Gaston and the Perfect Recipe

** Finalist, Andersen Prize 2013, for Best Children’s Fiction ages 9-12 **

In a story of love and cooking, the current gastronomic revolution in Perù is tapped as a background for the adventures of our hero who, like many other young people today, has dreams of becoming a chef.
Poor Gaston! His parents mysteriously disappeared not many years after his birth and he was brought up in an orphanage. The only memory he has of his family regards his mother’s cooking: she managed to pass on to him her passion for good food. At the orphanage he meets Brother Obdulio who is an amazing chef and who leaves his precious recipe collection to Gaston when he passes away. Cooking and family relationships continue to intertwine in Gaston’s adventurous upbringing until one day he ends up in the galley of a boat run by river pirates who make their living raiding tourist ships. Since good food is a way to express caring and love, our young chef will even find his way into the affections of that bunch of seemingly hard-hearted villains.
Anna Lavatelli is well-known author of children’s books. She taught Italian to middle school children for many years before dedicating herself entirely to writing in 1986. She has written books and novels for all age levels, from preschoolers to teenagers. In 2005 she was awarded the Andersen Prize for Best Italian Author of the Year.
In 2013, Gaston and the Perfect Recipe was a Finalist for the Andersen Prize, in the category of best novel for children ages 9-12.
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Binding: softcover

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