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by Matteo Cecchi

Giotto revived the art of reproducing the illusion of depth on a flat surface, an explicit seduction which, thanks to Brunelleschi’s methodical guidelines and to the enchanting Trinity by Masaccio, will lead straight to the wonders of Renaissance. Giotto replaced the sophisticated and by then unfruitful iconography, as well as the suffocating stylization and the dogmatically encoded, almost “archaeological”, abstractness of the past with a subtle, gentle and soft human pictorial expression. He truly succeeded in nullifying time constraints and transcending epochs and trends, whether by anticipating or moving far ahead his time – or even disregarding them. The miraculous nature of his paintings is in their power to shake our souls, just as they did with the souls of his contemporaries, which has made of them perennially contemporary artworks. This same nature brought about the passage to a new art and will always teach something to artists of all times.

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Paperback / softback

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