Girl isn't a Bad Word

by Carolina Capria - Mariella Martucci

Nina knows that she’s a lot of things: a chatterbox, a joker, a good friend… One day, though, a kid in her building accuses her of being a feminist, and she has to go look it up in the dictionary.

Through their small, everyday adventures, from then on Nina and her friends learn how important it is to believe that we all have the same rights and freedoms. They learn how we should all try to change the world around us. Even if it’s just a little.

Females can be a lot of things. Anything they like, in fact. All they have to do is remember they’re invincible!

An instruction manual written like a novel. A book for talking about feminism with girls as well as boys beyond gender stereotypes

Format: cm 14.5 x 21.8 - Pages: 128 - Age: 8+ - Hardcover - Full colour illustrations by Carlotta Scalabrini

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Published by MariettiJunior

Main content page count: 128 Pages