Guide Verdi - Toscana


A clear, easy and handy pull-out insert adds to the usual reliability of the Guide Verdi and focuses on basic and practical information.

These guides are the symbol of the Touring Club. With over one hundred and thirty titles, they are considered the most comprehensive and reliable guides in terms of artistic, historical and architectural contents. The detailed, trust worthy and up-to-date information paired with the rich illustrations will help you organise your trip in the best possible way. So there is everything, or almost everything that is interesting, unmissable and new.

The handy pull-out information sheet adds to the usual reliability of the Guide Verdi. It is constantly updated and offers a wide selection of addresses for accommodation, eating, entertainment, shopping.

Size: 12 x 22,5; Pages: 144/334 in colour; Binding: Flexi bound with pocket; Imprint: Touring Editore

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Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

Published by Giunti Editore

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