I nani di Mantova

by Gianni Rodari

In Mantua’s Ducal Palace, there was a truly special apartment, where everything was in miniature. Who could have possibly lived there? Obviously dwarves!
Only, dwarves were not so happy to be so … small, very small. So one day they rose against Captain Bombardo, they ran out of the palace and mix with real people because they decided to … grow up!

Margherita Micheli is a young and promising illustrator. She lives in Urbino, where she attends the ISIA (Institute for Artistic Industries). She was selected at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2008.

Gianni Rodari (1920 – 1980) was an Italian writer and educationalist who specialised in books for youngsters and children, which have been translated into many different languages.  In 1970 he won the Hans Christian Andersen prize.

Size: 22 x 28; Pages: 32 in colour; Binding: Hardbound; Imprint: Motta Junior


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Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback


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