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by S. Bonanni Carlo Scataglini

The essential is invisible to the eyes.
Who has not heard the famous words of the fox in The Little Prince, the masterpiece by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, loved by adults too?
The story of an encounter between a pilot and the little prince gives life to a literary work of great beauty and poetry.  The story, which is re-presented in a simplified version for children, with unique reading support, is enriched with fun games and activities.
A literary classic for children to read, share and also listen to, as an audiobook.

The books in the «Easy Classics» series re-present literary classics for children, with simplifications which help children to read and understand by themselves.
Visual support – the text contains visual support, amongst which: a picture at the start of each chapter which recalls the illustrated index, pictures of any new characters in that chapter, highlighting in bold font of new characters in the story.
Lexis: basic vocabulary is used and difficult words and idioms in each chapter are highlighted in two different colours, with their meanings given at the end.
Syntax: the text is made up of short phrases and simple subordinate and coordinate clauses, subjects are made explicit as far as possible and affirmative, active verb forms are used, with the indicative mood predominating.
Organisation of contents: at the start of the book there is an illustrated index of the chapters, whilst at the start of each chapter summaries of the events which happened in the previous chapter and the events which are about to happen are given.
Audio: the reader can listen to (and follow) the text of the story told by a narrator, by using the QR-codes found at the beginning of each chapter or from Online resources on the Erickson site, by entering the access code given on the last page of the book.

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Published , Imprint: Erickson

Main content page count: 131 Pages

ISBN: 9788859012993