Johnny Depp – Rockstar di Hollywood e divo contemporaneo

by Linda Cetrullo

An accurate analysis of the phenomenon of stardom in the cinematic field; a detailed focus on the figure of Johnny Depp, on the roles he has played and on his media image, which have led him to be internationally recognized as the greatest character star of today's Hollywood.

The volume, divided into three sections, examines the phenomenon of stardom from a cinematic point of view. In the first section, the Author illustrates its origins, its development and its consideration today, paying particular attention to the modern figures of the star-brand and the star-rock star, summarized in the personality of Johnny Depp. The second section focuses on the professional side of the star-actor, on the interpretive skills that distinguish him from any other artist, and on the characters that have highlighted his eclecticism and versatility, proposing a classification of the types of roles assumed. Finally, the third section offers a reflection on the role played by old and new media in the field of stardom, as well as an empirical investigation of the relationship that is established between them, the star-actor and the audience.

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Published 2021 by AG Book Publishing

ISBN: 9788898590759