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La rivoluzione degli integrali buoni

by Antonio Elia

The revolution of good integrals

A new research suggests a diet which combines, in accordance with the fundamental principles of two studies, the 60s Mediterranean diet and the latest one based on the glycaemic and load index.
This research is the milestone in the nutrition science: this innovative diet comes out to protect the population from cardiovascular diseases due to the high use of animal fats we find in meat, salami, butter, margarine, eggs and cheese and from metabolic diseases due to the high use of refined sugar, which is in bread, oven products and refined superfine flour pasta.
The book is addressed to an extremely mixed public, even if the used language is strict, it rouses the reader’s curiosity, in a clear and graspable way he gives practical suggestions to follow a balanced diet and above all healthy.
The new research clears every uncertainty on the nature of floury food, which is healthy when it is produced with ’wholemeal flour’ typical in the Mediterranean diet. These products are ‘good’ when they use all the fibers contained in the corn of wheat and come directly from a wheat partial milling and refining starch damaging are avoided. These integrals are said ‘not reconstituted’, to distinguish them from ‘reconstituted integrals’, today prevalent at 95% on the market, which are produced with bran addition to the refined flour. They are pseudo-integrals, unmasked by IG revealing they are similar to the refined products and ineffectual like the same.

Antonio Elia has a degree in Diet Science and is an expert in flour chemistry and a professor at the University in Bari. An industrialist in the cereal milling, he personally and positively experimented his innovative integral products on the population. He has already published: La salute è nelle tue mani (Bari); Dimagrire naturalmente e durevolmente (Genova); La dieta anti-stress (Milano); Nutrizione a basso carico glicemico (Bari).

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