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La scuola di unodueetre

by Vincent Isabel

“Unodueetre” School: for those who were children in the ’70s and are still escaping …
A School full of Holes: for all children for whom lies are only different points of view…
The School Trip: for all children who have a passion for all the things which they fear most …
Three tales telling the story of children who learn by travelling, children who solve problems, children who overcome their fears.
To know dreams and fantasies of children, but also their joys and pains, helps adults understand the world of chidlhood, where everything and anything can happen because reason cannot impose its limits to imagination.
At times adults are so far away from their own childhood, that they hardly remember those happy years, made of adventure, joy, surprise and full of promises.
I hope that the children who read these tales will identify themselves with the characters, will recognize their feelings and get totally involved in the narration; that they wil ask questions or just enjoy the reading, because they find these tales are different, without any clear moral, funny tales indeed.

Vincent Isabel was born in Bologna where she is a teacher in a primary school. Her strong relational skills have found their realization in the creation and development of projects for “her” children. To answer to their demands, especially from disabled children, she has conceived some easy and stimulating tools to make learning easier.
In-depth studies of Developmental psychology, Multimedia and Technological Education, Design and Experimental School, didactic multimedia psychology and of the Planning and scholastic experimentation, psychology of the will disable and of the integration, they have contributed to determine its deeply empathetic personality, in mode special in the rhoes — looks of the children, that recognize the great quality repayingwith an attention and a scholastic out-of-the-way surrender.

11×16 cm  72 pages

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Paperback / softback


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