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by Paolo De Silvestri

A man of genius, an artist and theorist of painting, but also a student of anatomy, biology, botany, mechanics, mathematics, hydraulics and both civil and military engineering, Leonardo can be considered a unique example in the history of art, and more than anyone else, the incarnation of the figure of ‘‘universal genius’’.
The artistic and creative development of this pillar of the Italian Renaissance covered an arc of almost fifty years, characterized by not only tireless activity, but also a plurality of relationships. From the fertile environment of Florence, under Lorenzo il Magnifico, to Milan under the sway of the Sforzas, Leonardo returned to Florence in the grip of republicanism, before heading back to Milan, now ruled by the French; a period in Rome followed, before his death in France.

Alongside the execution of these works, he produced a rich collection of drawings, through which the costant thread is his love of experimentation and the search for a profound sense of immortality of things.

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Paperback / softback

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