Lynn Wolflynn

by Cristina Marsi


There’s a legend in Lynn’s family. Many years ago, her great-grandpop was bitten by a wolf. This means that, sooner or later, a werewolf will be born into the family.

Lynn’s nasty little brothers, Tobias and Matthew, are convinced that they’re the chosen ones.

But when, on the night of her eighth birthday, the light of a full moon shines down on Lynn... Well, maybe her brothers are wrong! Lynn who now calls herself Wolflynn, runs off into the forest behind her house. She’s immediately chased by a big, hungry she-wolf! But it turns out that she only wants a cuddle!

For the young werewolf, it’s a night she’ll never forget. And only the first of many to come.

1. The Curse of the Full Moon

2. Night of the Wolf

A story that stares down monsters and fears with a grin

Illustrations with real personality, guaranteed to make kids fall in love with the characters and settings

For Amelia Fang and Mortina fans

Format: cm 16.5 x 23 - Pages: 48 - Age: 7+ - Hardcover - Full colour illustrations by Francesca Carabelli

Available product forms

Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

Published by Mondadori Libri per Edizoni Piemme

Main content page count: 48 Pages