Mara Bruno – Two Glances, One Voice


New York, 1943. A jazz concert, a great voice – that of Billie Holiday –, an unexpected murder. From these events we arrive in the mid-fifties, in the United States as shining as Elvis Presley’s grease and as fascinating as Marilyn Monroe’s lips, but divided by two colours, white and black. Racism is rampant and the conflict between whites and African Americans becomes a daily occurrence. They are separated in every aspect of life: in venues, in restrooms, in public transportation. “Persons of colour” do not have the same rights. Meanwhile, jazz conquers everyone, without distinction, and in the 52nd Street a “forbidden love” is born. Two glances and one voice are enough, and it all begins. Mara Bruno is a Rome-born professional educator and writer of novels, short stories and children’s books. Language: Italian Worldwide rights available