by Angela Nanetti

Mistral is a strong wind; the same wind that is blowing at the birth of a baby boy who is destined to live his life close to the sea and its storms. Mistral is the name his parents decide to give him, perhaps marking his entire life. Over the years, and summers, the main character – a boy with great impetus and great doubts, who experiences the change of an era – grows up and matures. The story starts on a remote island, in the shadow of a lighthouse, at a time when everyday life has still to meet modernity, and brings us to the student demonstrations of the late 1960s.

Size: 13 x 21; Pages: 192; Binding: Paperback; Imprint: Giunti

Angela Nanetti is one of the most loved authors in Italy and abroad. She was awarded the Italian Andersen Book Prize, the French Prix Chronos and she is included in the Ibby Honour List. Her books are published in more than twenty countries.

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Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback


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