My First Lovely Books



A new series of first readers for girls and boys aged 8 and over. Stories teeming with illustrations for a smooth transition from picture books to more challenging chapter books. Three stories about three girls, each very different from the next. The first helps readers discover how much fun you can have in nature. The second is the story of Viola, a girl who no one ever takes seriously because she’s got such a flamboyant way of explaining what’s happening to her. The last is about a girl who can’t resist running away with her imagination as she dreams up the most amazing things! 

1. Crickets and Frogs

2. Vera

3. The Enchantment

4. Walking On a Tightrope

5. Joanne’s Magic Pen

Short stories that help young readers transition to chapter books

Simple, positive stories with characters with whom readers will empathize 

Beautifully created illustrations that are always different and enrich each story

Format: cm 17 x 23 - Pages: 48 - Age: 8+ - Hardcover - Various authors - Various illustrators

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Published by Edizioni Corsare

Main content page count: 48 Pages