by Victor Hugo Edvige Santiné

The Golden Limited Edition of the Official Autobiography

Napoleon’s autobiography published by D’ORO Collection in 2016 is the new edition of the first publication of 1975. It is entirely handmade and available in numbered copies. This Volume is a collection of texts written or dictated by Napoleon himself. It contains a faithful description of his deeds in the grandeur and majesty of his historical times. As the introduction by Edvige Santiné explains, before coming up with the final draft of the work he had sketched out more than fifteen books without disguising any facts, despite the great difficulties.

The text consists of a preface, two introductions written respectively by Victor Hugo and Edvige Santiné and extracts from Napoleon’s diaries, divided into 18 chapters and accompanied by historical and official documents taken from his secretaire by Edvige Santiné herself.

This 253-page book is printed in only 499 numbered copies and contains 82 engravings.

The Napoleone Volume published by D’ORO Collection is entirely handmade using artisan paper with 220 gram thickness. Each page is stitched by master craftsmen using wooden frames of the type used in the Middle Ages. The covers of Napoleone are made of blue leather lined with light blue silk. Two bronze reliefs, gilded by immersion into a 24 Kt gold bath, form the front and back covers.

Napoleon’s profile stands out on the front cover.

A luxury book of unique value, shape and contents – created by merging the ancient bookbinding techniques with the works of great artists of everlasting renown.


Title: Napoleone

Edition: 499 numbered copies

Publishing year: 1975, new edition 2016

ISBN: Handmade book with no ISBN

Publishing House: D’ORO Collection

Author: Napoleon Bonaparte – Introductions by Victor Hugo and Edvige Santinè

Language: Italian

Translation: Translation into other languages available upon request

Production: Entirely made in Italy at the D’ORO Collection workshops in the heart of Rome

Number of pages: 253

Size (cm): 32 x 43 x 6

Covers: Book covers and spine in blue leather. Both covers are fully covered by bronze reliefs gilded by immersion into a 24 Kt gold bath. 

Gilded bronze reliefs: 2 covers

Inside covers: light blue silk

Paper: Artisan cotton paper, 220 gram thick

Finishes: Hot-stamped logos and titles using 24 Kt gold leaves 

Bookmarks: 1 blue leather bookmark

Packaging: The book comes inside a blue velvet and black Moirè silk case

Accompanying accessories: Protective blue velvet bag 


  1. Chapter written by Napoleon with his own hand on the Island of Elba

  2. Historical details written by Napoleon with his own hand  starting from the siege of Toulon 

  3. On religion, his Ministers, the Pope and the Concordat of 1801

  4. The Prussian War, 1807. Alexander I 

  5. Map of the Prussian Campaign

  6. On the Spanish War and the three brothers of Bonaparte

  7. On Joséphine, Marie Louise and the War in Russia 

  8. Waterloo, my surrender on Bellerophon 

  9. Praise at the tomb, recited by Grand Marshal Bertrand

  10. Napoleon’s maxims about the war

  11. Battle of Jena

  12. Dispatch of First Consul Bonaparte to General Massena Commander of the French Army in Italy intercepted by the British

  13. Report on the retreat of the French from Moscow by a Russian soldier

  14. Napoleon’s letters to Joséphine

  15. Last will

  16. Battle of Ocaña

  17. Battle of Essling