La mia storia (autorizzata malvolentieri)

The daring story of a merchant who became an ambassador for the quality and enormous biodiversity of Italian cuisine. An engaging style that weaves anecdotes, encounters, and memorable lessons on how to make our own businesses fly with passion and an endless drive to broaden our horizons.

Having grown up on farms in the land of truffles and Barolo, Oscar Farinetti’s first passion was technological trade but then, in 2007, the turning point came with his creation of Eataly which placed the excellence of Italian food in capitals around the world; from New York to Dubai and Istanbul, from Tokyo to Sao Paulo, from Stockholm to Munich and Seoul, from Moscow to Paris and finally London.

Oscar's story is that of a passionate merchant who involved Joe Bastianich, Alessandro Baricco, Giovanni Soldini and many other friends in businesses that seemed impossible yet have become reality. Full of twists and memorable anecdotes (very useful for improving ourselves in business), this book intertwines the tones of a coming-of-age novel with the heroic and picaresque tones of adventure stories, maintaining a clear focus on continuing to dream big, even after a pandemic that has brought the world economy to its knees.