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by Andrea Pamparana

The Pill of Happiness

This book faces an issue concerning millions of individuals, recounting cases of depression affecting both common people – who got in touch with the author during his journalist experience – and well-known personalities. Here we find Nietzsche, according the reports by the psychiatrist Irvin Yalom; Hemingway, who committed suicide even though he had success, talent, women and a Nobel Prize; Robin Williams, a versatile actor, a celebrity, and died by his own hand too. Prozac, a blessing and a curse for the modern man: on one side for those who don’t want to suffer and don’t consider acceptable a suffering caused by an illness which can’t be touched, palpated, surgically removed; on the other side for artists, who once used opium to find inspiration, and nowadays, instead, use drugs. This book isn’t and doesn’t want to be a j’accuse against antidepressant drugs: the aim is to shed light on an obscure and dangerous disease, and to show a photograph of real world.
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Paperback / softback

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