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Rainbow Spoon

by Yari Simone Prete and Valerio Costanzia

All the colors of world’s vegan cuisine

All the best of the world’s vegan cuisine for the first time divided by color and by geographical areas, combining the benefits of chromotherapy with the variety of ethnic cuisines.

Colors can help body and mind find their natural balance, causing both physical and psychological beneficial effects, which can stimulate positive energy and cure certain symptoms.

Recent studies have shown that the pigments that color vegetables and fruit (called phytonutrients) have a positive impact on the whole body and carry out different functions according to their color.

The red color of a tomato, the green color of an avocado, the orange color of a pumpkin, the blue colou of a blueberry not only whet our appetite and arouse our senses, they also have a beneficial influence on our health and our mood. We often tend to overlook it, but color plays a fundamental role in food and in the nutritional process.

The encounter of a nutrition expert with a globe-trotter vegan chef and their shared love for good and fair food resulted in Rainbow spoon, which includes over 170 vegan recipes from around the world: from starters to desserts, from bread to single course meals, the recipes are divided according to their dominant color.

Eye-catching mouth-watering dishes to create in our kitchens beautiful, good and fair delicacies from all around the world.

Thanks to these colorful recipes, cooking becomes a multi-sensorial experience.

224 pages

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Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

Published by Edizioni Sonda

Main content page count: 224 Pages

ISBN: 9788871066660