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Shoah Narrated by Children

by Sarah Kaminski Maria Teresa Milano Valeria De Caterini

Shoah Narrated by Children is a coral collection of important memories and testimonies to remember the horrors of Nazism, seen through the eyes of children and brilliantly illustrated by Valeria De Caterini.

With an introduction by David Grossman, it is composed as follows: autobiographical experiences, by Lia LeviUri Orlev and Ela Pasternak drag the reader between hopes and fears of young victims of racial persecution. They are followed by Sarah Kaminski’s story about her grandparents’ courage to reconstruct their life after the War and the bitter tale of the Łódz ghetto, sadly known for child labour. Maria Teresa Milano opens the doors of the Terezín fortress, the ghetto in which several people risked their life to protect kids from the Nazis. At the close, the valuable testimony by Cesare Alvazzi Del Frate, partisan during the Fascist regime.

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14.00 EUR

Published 2020

Total numbered pages: 128 Pages

ISBN: 9788872240786