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by Nicola Malizia

Colours and patterns in Italian skies

The most beautiful colour photographs of the Lockheed F/RF-104G/ TF-104G/F-104S/ ASA/ ASA/ M/ TF-104/ G-M. Special Colours.

The author goes through the genesis, the history of the F-104Gs, the F-104S, the F-104S-ASA, the Alenia in the A.M.I. and the commanders of the Italian Air Force Units operating with all the Lockheed prototypes. He then analyzes the production and the serial numbers, the known data of the plane crashes, the notes and the camouflage, the technical data and last but not least the colors!

Nicola Malizia was born in 1930, in Nova Siri. He directly experienced the tragic events of World War II and at the age of 20 he entered the Aeronautica Militare. He then was assigned to the 51Åã Stormo C.B. in Treviso, where he remained for twenty years. He retired in 1983 and has been writing books since then.

Pages: 224
Format: 21 x 29,7 cm
Photos/Illustrations: 235 colour; 35 b&w
Series: Aviolibri Hard Covers N. 2

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