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Thank You, It's Vintage!

by Serena Autorino

Wear(ing) the Past to Say Who You Are

Second-hand is not just about shopping, it’s about creating and expressing who we are; buying vintage is not just about clothes, it’s about second chances.

«Vintage» isn’t only a colloquialism commonly used to refer to all old styles of clothing: it’s a lifestyle. Vintage shopping is slowly becoming part of our daily life more and more. You might feel like you need a guide to this complicated but beautiful world: Thank You, It’s Vintage! is the perfect handbook to do so. It covers every area of secondhand shopping, from its history to its practical applications, providing an essential tool for those who want to look back on the past and use it to build a sustainable and original present.

  • This book combines a theoretical approach - with a deep dive into the history of vintage and different important names of fashion - with a practical one. Tips and guidelines help you navigate the secondhand world to find good deals that fit perfectly.

  • Two «Mini guides» chapters are dedicated to the world of vintage jeans and to tips on how to care for vintage items once you bought them.

  • Whole sections are dedicated to different decades and the styles that were «in», through which you can find inspiration and build a unique style without excesses and being sustainable.

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Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

18.00 EUR

Published 10/2021

Total numbered pages: 224

ISBN: 9788872241530