The Island of Myths

by Giuseppina Norcia

One Shot

An alchemy of creative and contradictory elements that has existed since the dawn of humanity, myths are a place where thoughts, feelings, images, and atmospheres take form. Despite being very ancient, they will always live on, provided there’s someone to tell them. When that happens, as powerful as a dream or a distant memory, they spring into life, take on new meanings, and resonate with the present day.

This richly illustrated book contains stories of mythological characters connected with Sicily. Most people will know all these myths, although some of the details will be quite new.

The author and illustrator were finalists in the 2018 Andersen Italia award with the book Il dono degli dei (The gift of the gods)

The author is a writer, Greek scholar, and cultural communicator and popularizer. She creates tours, plays, and narrative performances dedicated to myths and the soul of places

The book features a carefully crafted graphic design and a removable postcard incorporated into the cover

Format: cm 17 x 24 - Pages: 112 - Age: 8+ - Paperback w/flaps - Color illustrations by Marcella Brancaforte

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Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

Published by VerbaVolant Edizioni

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