The Thinkers

by Luca Novelli


Sofia is a millennial.

“Does that make me a thousand years old? Ten thousand? A hundred thousand?!”

In her own words, she tells the story of three important feelings that warm the hearts of humans. In the process, she introduces us to a cast of human and animal characters – from sardines to rhinos, from Confucius to Buddha, from Plato to Voltaire, from Bacon to Washington.

Written with simplicity and humor, each story leaves an indelible mark and fuel for further thinking. In other words, this is philosophy for kids.

1. A Short History of Friendship

2. A Short History of Freedom

3. A Short History of Happiness

Happiness, friendship, freedom – three books for kids that look at the big feelings in life

Written by naturalist and traveler Luca Novelli, author and illustrator of children’s science books that sell around the globe, awarded with the Italian Andersen Prize as Best educational science writer

A book that introduces children to philosophy

Format: cm 19 x 19 - Pages: 144 - Age: 6+ - Hardcover - Full colours illustrations 

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Published by Valentina Edizioni

Main content page count: 144 Pages