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The Untamable Women of the Bible

by Maria Teresa Milano Valentina Merzi

Pioneers, Queens, Adventurers, Seductresses and Warriors

How many times have we heard about the women of the Bible? But do we really know them? This book sheds a light on them and shows how similar those figures can be to contemporary girls and women.

The past holds fascinating stories, but those of women have often been forgotten or lost in time. The Untamable Women of the Bible blends religion and feminism, drawing the portraits of 25 rebellious and strong women; from the most famous, like Eve and Mary, to lesser-known characters, like Abigail and Micol.
Each portrait is made up by three sections: scriptures and fiction intertwine to build the woman’s story, told in first person narration; then fun facts and references in pop culture complete it and show how contemporary their tales are, and how deeply arts and entertainment are constantly influenced by them.

^ For the first time, the most iconic female figures from the Bible have come together and tell us their stories, that make us rethink the whole Bible’s narration.
^ The book features 6 «interludes» to further discover topics like The Song of SongsBalaam’s DonkeyViolence Against Women in the BibleGod is a Woman and the chronology and geography of the stories.
^ The very peculiar style by Valentina Merzi, minimal and clear, in blocks of color, still convey the woman’s spirit and her strength.

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19.90 EUR

Published 11/2021

Total numbered pages: 160

ISBN: 9788872241493