Weaning Is Yours!

by Pediatra Carla

Practical handbook to your child’s auto-weaning

Weaning can be the scariest phase for a parent, but it’s actually simpler than it seems. We only have to engage our children into meals, to let them watch us and accomodate their behavior. They’ll let us know what they need.

A practical and engaging handbook that answers every common question about weaning that might be worrying new parents. A fresh and effective approach to get through a worrysome phase, to enjoy meals and grow together. Weaning doesn’t belong to the pediatrician, to the nutritionist, to the influencer or to your neighbor telling you what to do: weaning is yours! Parents and children can take this important step together with confidence, this book will guide them in the discovery of eating well and safely.

  • The «safe cuts» photographic atlas, clear pictures showing how to cut over 100 different foods to make them safe for the child to eat and avoid waste.

  • Carla is a true authority in weaning and child nutrition, she reassures parents in the clearest way and clarifies any doubt they might have.

  • This book’s approach is extremely practical, well supported by technical and scientific evidence, then made simple by a familiar style.

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Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

19.00 EUR

Published 2021

Total numbered pages: 184 Pages

ISBN: 9788872241233