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Edizioni Nisroch

Edizioni Nisroch is born to promote ideas and principles capable of enrich knowledge, to be truly free. We are in search of what connects us as humans. Why do we love heretics and dreamers? Because who breaks dominant patterns can create a better world.


GAEditori is a publishing house founded in 2016 thanks to two Sicilian writers, Gaetano Amoruso and Antonello La Piana, former colleagues from university studies, then friends and for a few years now, companions in adventure with GAEditori.


Voland is an Italian independent publishing house founded in 1994 by the Slavist Daniela Di Sora. Our first aim is to spread into the Italian book market great novels and authors coming from the Eastern European and Slavic literatures.

Città del silenzio libri s.a.s.

Città del silenzio was born in 2006 and mainly publishes non-fiction. A new company, established in 2020, has expanded, strengthened and qualified the corporate activity.

QUID+ (marchio di ALIAS Srl)

QUID+ is an educational publishing line dedicated to early learning that focuses on translating the most advanced pedagogical theories into simple and appealing products. Our aim is to raise awareness of children’s learning abilities and to provide parents and educators with the tools to help children express their potential through play and fun, allowing them to spontaneously achieve that “something extra”.

Daniele Marson Editore

Publishing house specializing in the publication of photographic books on nature, photography and tourism.

Vesepia s.r.l.s.

Vesepia is a publishing house specializing in the creation of educational books for children.

Carocci editore Spa

Founded in 1980 as La Nuova Italia Scientifica, Carocci editore has more than 5,000 titles in print. The publishing program includes textbooks, academic monographs, trade non fiction, journals and digital products in Humanities and Social Sciences.

La Ragnatela Editore

Casa editrice per autori emergenti

Ledizioni - LediPublishing

LediPublishing is the international branch of Ledizioni, an independent academic publisher in humanities and social sciences, based in Milano, Italy. We publish scholarly books and journals with the aim of better serving the academic community, using digital technologies in order to make the system of academic communication more efficient.

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