Bibliolibrò is a bookshop and a publishing house of picture books. It was born on 2014, on the road, in a three wheeled funny Aper-car, in an inclusive reading aloud project for children. Our team is composed by teachers of the European Institute of Design and the awarded author and storyteller Valentina Rizzi. Our stories have been storytelled all around the world.

We are a group of young professionals that deals with writing, art and design.
In 2014 we founded the Bibliolibrò brand and started to publish picture books for children, teenagers and adults.

We have focused our projects on research and experimentation.
For us, every project-book is a growing ecosystem in which the various levels of professionalism blend together and where ethics and aesthetics gather to restore harmony and beauty to the final product.

We believe in paper and paper stories, by protecting the environment with the choice of zero-impact materials. We believe in the uniqueness of each book, intended as artistic product, a vehicle for intra-psychic and interpersonal relationship.
We believe the reader is an active, participatory and creative subject, able to construct meanings and paths between the text and images that we propose.

This is why we love the white color, the gaps and silences that, in each album, leave the inventiveness, imagination and readers’ interpretation free.
The gestation period of our books is often very long because we like to invest time and resources to build the visual identity of a story and make it come alive, light and enjoyable, regardless of the age, social status or origin of the reader.

We love the universal, archetypal, existential stories, those able to speak with a few strokes and a few words to the essence of our being.
We love hearing the stories that come from our stories, the meanings that arise from the meanings, the endless impalpable derivations of each and every seed that sprouts in the hands of those who leaf through the pages.

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Insolito destino di Gaia la libraia Naso Rosso

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