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Edizioni Nisroch is born to promote ideas and principles capable of enrich knowledge, to be truly free. We are in search of what connects us as humans. Why do we love heretics and dreamers? Because who breaks dominant patterns can create a better world.

We are in search of what connects us as humans interconnected to this Universe.

After all, this is the characteristic of the region where we live, Marche. Always been a crossroads of peoples and culture, capable of building bridges with distant worlds, especially with the East.


For this reason we have accumulated studies by the most important international experts on the history of the most fascinating Knightly Order history: the Templars.


We present themes about exoticism, devolving knowledges ways as important instruments of inner refinement.


As well as critical insights into society through the \'\'Libera Mente\'\' series, which warns against the dangers of sects and new forms of modern slavery and delves into social issues by rising above the noise of slogans thanks to historical memory, which inexorably judges the facts beyond words.


Philosophy, New Science open useful scenarios to create a new World on  a human scale.


The novel, fiction as a \"light\" communication instrument for even important issues.


But a publishing house is a melting pot, so we are open to creating new publishing adventures with all Authors who have interesting themes to propose.


We love heretics and dreamers, because only by gathering the voices of those who break the dominant patterns can we create a better world.

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1. Templar Symbolism 2. Macrobiotics sect 3. Ouroboros 4. Shamanic initiation manual 5. Universal harmonic laws 6. New sciences and ancient philosophies 7. Ancient winged creatures

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