GAEditori is a publishing house founded in 2016 thanks to two Sicilian writers, Gaetano Amoruso and Antonello La Piana, former colleagues from university studies, then friends and for a few years now, companions in adventure with GAEditori.

Over the years, the publishing house has diversified its vision by creating, first, an \"ebook\" division, then that of \"audiobooks\" and subsequently also dealt with phonography with the creation of an audio CD (by the singer-songwriter Gregorio Lui) in total independence which currently accompanies the sale of a book by the journalist Concetto Sciuto on the mafia phenomenon. In the meantime, with an increase in collaborators (illustrators, translators, proofreaders), the editorial team has participated in some of the most important cultural events in our country such as \"Time for books\" in 2017 and 2018 and the one relating to the \"Book Fair\" of Turin in 2022. In 2019 the Holy See entrusted it with the task of publishing the documents of the \"Jubilee of the military family\". The book, edited by Mons. Giulio Cerchietti and Father Berckus Duverly Goma, was officially presented during the fifth international training course for Catholic military chaplains in international humanitarian law, held in the Vatican City from 29 to 31 October 2019. events organized by the publishing house (book presentations, recreational events and others of an illustrative nature such as explaining the birth of a book) have reached all Italian regions and beyond. On 25 January 2018, Anna Powar\'s latest book (published by GAEditori in 2017) was presented in London. Among the speakers, the Consul General of the Italian Embassy H. E. Massimilano Mazzanti. In 2020 and then subsequently in 2021, GAEditori managed to acquire the publishing rights of the novels of the writer Brunella Gasperini, former journalist of Corriere della Sera, Annabella, Novella and former author for Rizzoli and Sonzogno and of the journalist Vittorio Buttafava, among the first presenters of the Canale 5 news. In December 2022, the first issue of \"brevis\" comes out, the culture and society magazine strongly supported by GAEditori which currently has a monthly frequency.

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