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Italiaidea is one of Italy’s most outstanding Italian language schools. It is located in the heart of Rome near the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. In addition to lively and engaging…

Italiaidea is one of Italy’s most outstanding Italian language schools. It is located in the heart of Rome near the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. In addition to lively and engaging language and culture courses, Italiaidea offers students an intimate study environment as well as a high degree of professionalism and flexibility. Since 1984 Italiaidea has provided and facilitated an ideal immersion for students coming to Rome and learning Italian. The curriculum we offer is enriched with extra-curricular activities, a housing service, secretarial support, field trips, and social events ranging from discussion groups to outings to the cinema, museum visits, and concerts. All of our courses are developed with precise attention to students’ linguistic needs. We believe in an interactive communicative approach using ‘authentic materials.’ For us, language is not just a set of rules to learn, but is rather an instrument to communicate, understand, and express oneself. The classroom becomes a stimulating place where each student participates in immediately using the linguistic structure and vocabulary introduced by the teacher. All Italiaidea’s courses, group or individual, are offered at seven levels of study: two elementary, two intermediate, two advanced, and one of perfection. No more than ten students are admitted to any one class and a course hour is 55/60 full minutes of instruction.

Individual Courses

Individual courses at Italiaidea offer a maximum level of flexibility. Lesson plans are developed to address the specific language and scheduling needs of the client. Lessons are 60 minutes in length and can be pursued while one is enrolled in group courses or separately. Hours can be scheduled for the evenings, weekends, at the client’s home or in the client’s office.

Programs for American Universities, Academic Assistance
Since 1985 Italiaidea has offered courses in language and Italian culture which have been accredited by American college and university programs. These made-to-measure courses are designed according to the client institution’s needs. Students are tested, receive grades and credits according to the requirements of their own universities.
Italiaidea designs upon request:
Semester long language courses
Intensive courses of varying lengths
Full immersion weekend courses
Orientation to Italy and to Rome
Extracurricular activities
Academic Assistance Services to facilitate the design and delivery of programs visiting Rome.

Group Courses

The first day of class at Italiaidea introduces you to our staff, our city, and your fellow students. After a test to determine your language level, an orientation in Italian and in English is held to welcome and introduce new students.
In the afternoon, beginner students have an introductory hour of class and can then participate, with all the other students, in the “Giro Sotto Casa” (a tour of the school’s immediate neighborhood). The tour focuses on both practical information and art historical information: the historic buildings in the area, evocative streets, restaurants, shops and bars. After the tour ends, stop by the office to get your class schedule.

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