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Viviani Editore

Vita e Pensiero

Vision Srl

Since 1959 the Italian publishing firm VISION has been applying a patented system which consists of printing on transparent material the image of the reconstruction of the ruins of an ancient monument…

Vinciana editrice s.a.s.

Our publishing house specializes in creating manuals for teaching drawing and painting techniques. We offer two main series: the LEONARDO COLLECTION and the LEONARDO TECHNICAL MANUALS. Both are perfect for art lovers, hobbyists, art schools, and professionals. The Leonardo Collection series has 48 titles, translated into over 5 languages and available in many countries worldwide. With over 40 years of experience, we are ready to support any project related to the Fine Arts and their promotion.

Vinciana Editrice Sas di Riccardo Bozzi

Vinciana Editrice, founded in 1976, is the creator of the “Leonardo Collection”, a series of volumes dedicated to the instruction of drawing and painting. From its initial introduction only in the Italian…

Vincenzo Bona

Vianello Libri

Grafiche Vianello started its activity in Treviso (about 30 kilometers in the mainland of Venice) in 1899 as a small printing house located in the historic center of the city. Today, transferred…

Vesepia s.r.l.s.

Vesepia is a publishing house specializing in the creation of educational books for children.

VerbaVolant edizioni

VerbaVolant edizioni is a young and dynamic publishing house located in Syracuse, Sicily. It features a series of narratives, mainly of the surreal type, and republishes classics of the past that have…


VeneziaComix Editore is the first Italian comic publishing house to create an italian superhero universe, through the creation of the label “Capitani Italiani”. VeneziaComix, born in 2006, began publishing comics in 2012.…

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