QUID+ (marchio di ALIAS Srl)

QUID+ is an educational publishing line dedicated to early learning that focuses on translating the most advanced pedagogical theories into simple and appealing products. Our aim is to raise awareness of children’s learning abilities and to provide parents and educators with the tools to help children express their potential through play and fun, allowing them to spontaneously achieve that “something extra”.

Quality time together: the activities, games and stories are designed to facilitate adult-child interaction and create paths of joint growth.

Parent training: the content for parents in all products is intended to help parents and caregivers to improve their skills in raising children. 

Early learning: between the ages of 0 and 7, children have an enormous learning potential, which is often understimated and needs to be exploited. 

Scientific methods: out toolkit is not restricted to one school of thought, but draws on the best educational and developmental theories.

Best selling products

QUID+ offers children and parents practical tools that are easy to use in everyday life and which they can use to grow together. Each product contains a part dedicated to children to learn while having fun and a part dedicated to adults, which offers a clear explanation of the methods used and lots of useful advice.

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