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Founded in 2015 in Milan, we are a consulting company for the international publishing market. We offer an effective approach to support your starting or well-set international publishing activity. From a 30-year…

Founded in 2015 in Milan and Monza, we are a consulting company for the international publishing market: we add to our partnerships beauty, a cultivated human  understanding and the hectic, boosting touch of Milanese and Lombardy culture.
We offer an effective approach to support your starting or well-set international publishing activity. From a 30-year experience of cultural contents and international markets, a personal and competent look to refresh, trigger and widen new contacts and goals.

Our expertise:

1) SCOUTING: new markets, titles, authors, trends, book fairs

2) BOOK FAIRS: constance presence at book fairs, both in-person and online. We may represent your company/  make researches in a specific area/ advise how and where to partecipate for best results and along your company’s profile. Or we can follow up your book fairs’ meetings and much more.

Recent presence in person in Sharjah Book fair in November  2020 with booth and at the Istanbul fellowship in march 2021.  2018 book fairs’ attendance: Milano, Bologna Children’s, London, Catholic Publishing Warsaw, Abu Dhabi, Turin, Warsaw again, Book expo NY, Seoul Korea, Rio, Frankfurt, Sharjah, Guadalajara, Moscow Non-fiction.

3) A basis in Milano dedicated to the European market

4) specific customised services

5) International rights. We also help publishers we consult to represent worldwide their lists


Illustrated books: design, architecture, lifestyle   - Human sciences: history on 1900, MiddleAges, psychology, family issues, women\\\'s issues  and many more proposals 

Memoir of a lady through a life-long depression to the encounter of faith and a meaning.

JK ROWLING unauthorised biographical essay: a fantastic 320 pages already translated into multiple languages 

Christianity: art, spirituality, saints

Children’s picture books: best picks, with refined graphics and precious stories

Children\\\'s BEST NON FICTION 

Fiction for children and YA: a perfect mix of funny stories and deep insights in teens’ souls.

Best selling products

ARDUIN THE RENEGADE A new FANTASY by Silvana De Mari the million-copy bestseller author. De Mari is published in 18 languages, among her masterpieces HANIA and the LAST ELF. Directly from Tolkien’s tradition, the story unwinds through an enticing narrative of a 7-year old baby ogre. His coming to age through rebellion against his race, adamant unsuspected love, and compelling cruel battles is told with attention to details and a sense of beauty and drama which will enchant readers of all ages. We may not be able to change the circumstances of our lives but we have the free will, the freedom to make choices. JK ROWLING BIOGRAPHY by Marina Lenti a MASTERPIECE!

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