The Bridge Book Award

The Bridge Book Award unites the Italian and American cultures, and aims to strengthen mutual understanding through Literature. The prize covers the translation costs in the opposite language. Its purpose is to promote knowledge of the best and most recent publications in Fiction and Nonfiction of the two countries.

The Award is assigned annually to one work of Fiction and one work of Nonfiction, in Italy and in the USA, for a total of 4 winning books, and consists of a contribution to the costs of translating the winning books, fiction and non-fiction, from Italian to English and vice versa. In this way we intend to promote knowledge and encourage the reading of some of the best and most recent publications of both fiction and non-fiction of the two countries. It is also aimed at promoting the dissemination of the Italian language and encouraging its circulation in the university circuit abroad.

The four authors of the winning books, two Americans and two Italians, also win a cash prize and are invited to the awards ceremony in Rome and New York respectively.

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