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Our publishing house specializes in creating manuals for teaching drawing and painting techniques. We offer two main series: the LEONARDO COLLECTION and the LEONARDO TECHNICAL MANUALS. Both are perfect for art lovers, hobbyists, art schools, and professionals. The Leonardo Collection series has 48 titles, translated into over 5 languages and available in many countries worldwide. With over 40 years of experience, we are ready to support any project related to the Fine Arts and their promotion.

The Vinciana Editrice publishing company was established in 1976 by Floriano Bozzi and has remained a family-run business ever since. Floriano\'s deep curiosity for various painting techniques and extensive experience in drawing and illustration motivated him to create the Leonardo Collection of art books. These books were designed for individuals who wanted to enhance their knowledge of traditional painting and drawing techniques, whether for personal interest or professional development. Recognizing the challenges faced by budding artists and recalling the shortcomings of the initial drawing and illustration manuals he had used, Floriano founded the Leonardo Collection on the principle of practicality, aiming to assist learners effectively. The collection began with three volumes on the basics of drawing, anatomy, and perspective, forming the foundation upon which it has expanded.

Initially published in Italian, the first volumes were later translated into French and German, and eventually into various other languages, including Arabic, Hungarian, Indonesian, and Romanian. Despite the profound loss of Floriano in 1995, his family has honored his legacy through these publications. His son has continued to develop the collection, maintaining the original intent. Today, Vinciana Editrice\'s publications are available in over 40 Countries worldwide, with some volumes adopted as textbooks in Art schools and Academies.

Over the years, Vinciana Editrice has improved and updated its publications in terms of graphics and production quality. The Leonardo Collection has been complemented by the Leonardo Technical Manuals, which explore deeper aspects of anatomy. Two volumes have been published, focusing on human and horse anatomy for art students.

Unlike large-scale publishers, Vinciana Editrice operates at a different pace, benefiting from the advantages of a family-run business. Their volumes are meticulously produced and reasonably priced. Despite opportunities to flood the market with new, less rigorously produced publications, the company has chosen to maintain a limited output, appealing to an appreciative audience that values quality and attention to detail.

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