Crowdfunding Poetry: Get Involved!

Starting today, you can get involved in a crowdfunding campaign to support Interno Poesia, one of the principal literary sites for the promotion of poetry, and presales for Stefano Bortolussi’s newest collection of poems, I labili confini. 

This campaign, running now through December 15, seeks to involve and engage readers and writers in the support of poetry. Those who donate will be able to secure a reservation for one or more copies of the book and other prizes, including a personal dedication on the acknowledgement page.

I labili confini follows Califia, and is a collection of unique poems, untouched by minimalism and sentimentalism, focused instead on the words themselves. With an introduction by Roberto Mussapi, it is sure to delight its readers.


For the full details on the project, including how to get involved, please click here.