Discover new paths to learning Italian language and culture

The 2020 ACTFL convention (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), the most important event in the US on the teaching and learning of modern languages, will take place on November 20 to 22. The event is held online through a digital platform that allows guests, presenters, exhibitors as well as visitors to virtually meet and communicate for 3 days. The convention’s program can be viewed here.

The Publishing Task Force (PTF) of the ICE office in Chicago will participate at ACTFL online 2020 with its own digital booth, engaging in business matchmaking operations and promotional activities. Specifically, the PTF aims to gather the attention on the following Italian language schools and their online programs.

Each school offers:

FREE 20 minutes introductory section to meet the teacher, assess the Italian level and sign up for classes

– Digital platforms such as Zoom or Google classroom as well as original and unique learning aids and material

– Highly qualified instructors and native speakers of Italian

– Exciting and engaging cultural activities: pizza making, art projects, lyric music sessions and much more

Click on each one of the schools below for more details on their online courses:

Accademia Italiana Salerno (Southern Italy)

A door To Italy – Genova (North Western Italian Coast)

Centro Linguistico Dante Alighieri Roma (Center of Italy)

Italiaidea Roma (Center of Italy)

CiaoItaly Torino (North Western Italy)

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Roma (Center of Italy)