Explore the world of music at Mondomusica

The international exhibition Mondomusica (the world of music) lives up to its name, encompassing not only handcrafted musical instruments, but all things related to music. Of note are publishers of music scores and books. Italian publishers at this year’s edition include Edizioni Curci, Volonte` & Co, and Zecchini Editore.

In 2012, Italy ranked 5th (following Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and France) with 3.68% of the total imports of music scores into the U.S.

The 26th edition of Mondomusic opens September 27th. The three-day show in Cremona, Italy will include more than 230 exhibitors and 60 side events including concerts, seminars, workshops and presentations. Boris Petrushanky, the duos Maistorovici/Bonuccelli, Tampalini/ Milani, Alogna/Boldrini, Guaitoli/Zanchi, the Mayrkinder Orchestra, Filippo Gorini and many more will perform.

For more information, please visit www.cremonamondomusica.it.