Ibi semper est victoria, ubi concordia est

On March 17 2020, the Italian Ministry of Education, of University and of Research released a decree, in which they officially switched from the traditional pedagogy of in person teaching/learning environment to a distance learning one. The task force of specialists established by the Ministry, tireless worked to develop, approve, and make available to school districts, teachers unions, and individual educators an extensive amount of material from online platform and e-learning tools to pedagogical statement on the new identity of the e-teacher.

E-learning seemed to have already been highly effective in all the public schools of the northern regions badly compromised by the virus spreading. Students connect to virtual classroom for 4 to 5 hours every day, from the living room of their home, guided by their engaged and supportive teachers.

The Ministry of Education also send a statement of support and faith in all Italian citizens through the following Latin motto: Ibi semper est victoria, ubi concordia est (P. Siro) = We will be victorious if we stay united.