ITA at Comic-con@home 2021

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) in Chicago will be at Comic-con@home 2021 representing Italian comics.

If you are an American publisher, distributor and/or a literary agent, if you are interested in buying the rights of the books displayed in our virtual booth, or if you simply wish to know more about Italian comic books, you have browsed the right place. Contact us here: 


Daisy and the broken mask

The second episode of Daisy, a two-episodes story about a little girl that falls into the magic world of a book and will have to find her way out of the story

Written by Lorenza Di SepioMarco Barretta
Published by Tunue Edizioni

I cacciatori dei Sigilli perduti

First and second issue of the comic book series “I Cacciatori dei sigilli perduti”. The book tells the story of fantastic superheroes, whose mission is to defend and protect mother nature and the environment.

Written by Tabata Di Matteo
Published by AG Book Publishing

La tomba

New adaptation based on the stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

Written by D. D. Bastian & Nino Cammarata
Published by Edizioni NPE

This Machine

This Machine: that’s how both the sentence written on Woody Guthrie’s guitar and the one on Pete Seeger’s banjo began. Rebellion and pacifism, which fueled the spirit of these two famous storytellers and fathers of folk music, relives in this exciting road trip along the dusty roads of mid-20th century America

Written by Simone Saccucci & Federico Appel
Published by Diabolo Edizioni



A new Fantasy, a new hero, an unforgettable story.
Self-contained graphic novel organized in 6 open ending volumes – Volume 0 is published in Italian by Pavesio Comics (2018) – Samples of Volume 1 available in English for reviews Genre: Heroic Fantasy & Sword & Sorcery

Illustrations by A. Modugno 
Cover by G. Tàlami
Story board by M. Pini

Two Detective and a Dachshund

Arthur is an avid reader of detective stories and has just on goal: to solve crimes and bring the guilty to justice, along with his loyal dachshund, Poirot. So when a newcomer, Agatha, arrives he can’t believe his luck: not only is she just as enthusiastic about mysteries as he is, she’s also the daughter of Vasquez, the world-famous detective! The two quickly become inseparable… and just in time! Arthur’s best friend, has been falsely accused of committing a “stinky” crime. Arthur, Agatha and Poirot rush to his aid, ready to unearth the truth using just the right blend of smarts, bravery and… (a dog’s!) sense of smell!

Written by Enrico Marigonda & Gabriele Scarafia
Published by Il Castoro