Italian Publisher Giunti is ready for phase two

Italy will start phase two of easing the lock down situation, on May 4th. 

Italy was the first European country to be dangerously hit by the virus emergency. The country had to make quick arrangements and sudden adaptations to the new reality, and after two months of lock down, the number of deaths is slowly decreasing.

One of the first publishers to reopen is Giunti Editore, owner of more than 200 stores in the country, known as Giunti al Punto. Italian publishers like Giunti, take strict precautions to ensure the safety of their workers and of the public.

As reported by Publishing Perspectives, Giunti CEO Martino Montanarini, the company is eager to follow the guidelines and restrictions set by the Conte’s administration in order to go back to normal……although the new normal will look different.

For more information on Italian new regulations visit HERE