Italian Publishers: A Small Setback in January-June Sales

Despite a 4.2-percent drop in book sales in 2022, Italy’s industry sees a 14.7-percent gain over the same period of 2019.

Although the Italian book publishing market has registered a 2022 first-half step-back of 4.2 percent in book sales and 3.6 percent unit volume, the comparison with 2019’s first-half performance is good, running 14.7 percent ahead of 2019 in sales and 14.5 percent ahead of 2019 in unit volume.

Today’s (July 12) report from the Association of Italian Publishers (Associazione Italiana Editori, AIE), however, includes a caution from the organization’s president, Ricardo Franco Levi, that the at the half-year point, the future looks challenging because of inflation and the ongoing international paper-supply issues.

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