Italian Publishing Companies help Italians coping with quarantine

Spending time at home, after a long week of work, often means to relax while enjoying a good novel. In this difficult time of quarantine that hit many countries in the world, the Italbooks team appreciates and supports the initiative and the effort of many Italian publishing companies to offer to all those Italians in quarantine, suffering the consequences of the vicious Coronavirus spreading, free downloadable ebooks directly from their website:

1. One of the main Italian publishing companies, Mondadori, offers many e-books available for free

2. The Publisher Adelphi allows readers to download for free a Mark Twain novel

3. The platform for audio books and podcast Storytel offers a free 14 days trial to listen to amazing books such as Elena Ferrante’s novelsĀ and much more

4. The team of Book a Book offers the possibility to choose a free book among many titles, until April 3 2020