Rakuten Kobo Expands further into Italy with audiobooks and new partnerships

Kobo is expanding further into Italy a brand new partnership with lafeltrinelli.it, IBS.it and Libraccio.it and a whole new Rakuten Kobo ecosystem. This will give booklovers a new opportunity to listen to audiobooks and read ebooks. The new collaboration that will allow Italian book lovers to move easily between the three platforms—gaining access to more stories while enjoying the same range of services and exclusive offers, thanks to the integrated Rakuten Kobo ecosystem.

For some time, lafeltrinelli.it has offered the opportunity to individually purchase millions of eBook titles in Italian and other languages through their partnership with Rakuten Kobo. As of today, the catalogue has been enriched thanks to a new section dedicated to audiobooks. Over 4,000 new Italian titles have expanded the catalogue, ranging from novelties to the great classics of literature—all of which will be available on all three sites of the e-commerce hub.

By joining the Rakuten Kobo ecosystem, IBS.it and Libraccio.it also provide their users with new access to eBooks, audiobooks and Kobo’s full range of eReader devices. Readers of all three sites also gain access to the Kobo Libri App (available iOS and Android), which allows readers the opportunity to seamlessly listen from their device or app to the story most in tune with their tastes and interest.

But that’s not all. Coming this summer, the new e-commerce hub also provides users from all three platforms with the opportunity to explore Rakuten Kobo’s all-you-can-enjoy subscription service, Kobo Plus. The subscription offers unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of eBooks and audiobooks from Italian and international authors for one low monthly fee. Booklovers can choose from three subscription plans, including: Kobo Plus eBook for €9,99 per month; Kobo Plus Audio for €9,99 per month; or Kobo Plus eBook & Audio for €12,99 per month. Customers from lafeltrinelli.it, IBS.it and Libraccio.it can explore a free 30-day trial, where they can access the full Kobo Plus catalogue and switch between the three subscription plans to determine which is best for their needs. – Michael Kozlowski, Editor-in-Chief, Good e-Reader.