Top Ten Bestsellers in Italy, week of July 24-30, 2023

# Title Author Publisher Price/Euro
1 Come d’aria/ Like Air Ada d’Adamo Elliot 15.00
2 La portalettere/ The Postmistress Francesca Giannone Editrice Nord 19.00
3 Il cognome delle donne / Women’s Last Names Aurora Tamigio Feltrinelli 19.00
4 ELP Antonio Manzini Sellerio Editore Palermo 17.00
5 La banda dei carusi / The Apprentices’ Gang Cristina Cassar Scalia Einaudi 18.50
6 Un buon posto in cui fermarsi / A Good Place to Stop Matteo Bussola Einaudi 16.50
7 Tre ciotole. Rituali per un anno di crisi/ Three Bowls: Rituals for a Year in Crisis Michela Murgia Mondadori 18.00
8 L’insostenibile leggerezza dell’essere/The Unbearable Lightness of Being Milan Kundera Adelphi 12.00
9 Dammi mille baci / A Thousand Boy Kisses Tillie Cole Always Publishing 13.90
10 Il santo/ The Saint Marco Travaglio PaperFIRST


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* Those books that have been published in English are listed with their official English-language title. All others are translated as literally as possible from the original.

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* Photo: Cover: La Portalettere, by Francesca Giannone (Editrice Nord)