Top Ten Bestsellers in Italy, week of May 8-14 , 2023

# Title Author Publisher Price/Euro
1 Atlas. La storia di Pa’ Salt. Le sette sorelle/Atlas: The Story of Pa’ Salt: The Seven Sisters Lucinda Riley & Harry Whittaker Giunti Editore 23.00
2 Divertimenti/Entertainment Pera Toons Tunue’ 15.50
3 Luna rossa/ Killing Moon Jo Nesbo Einaudi 21.00
4 Le cose che ci salvano/ The Things that Save Us Lorenza Gentile Feltrinelli 19.00
5 Il passeggero/ The Passenger Cormac McCarthy Einaudi 21.00
6 Spare. Il minore/Spare Prince Harry Mondadori 25.00
7 Dammi mille baci / A Thousand Boy Kisses Tillie Cole Always Publishing 13.90
8 Michele Ferrero. Condividere valori per creare valori/ Michele Ferrero: Sharing Values to Create Worth Salvatore Giannella Salani 18.00
9 Oscura e celeste/Dark and Heavenly Marco Malvadi Giunti Editore 19.00
10 Le parole di Gesu’/ The Words of Jesus Umberto Galimberti & Ludwig Monti Feltrinelli 20.00



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* Those books that have been published in English are listed with their official English-language title. All others are translated as literally as possible from the original.

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* Photo: Cover: Atlas: La storia di Pa’ Salt (Giunti Editore)